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How It All Started


CEO’s Emile van der Donk and Rob van den Broek know each other for over 30 years. They met during the study Technical Computer Engineering in Amsterdam. Back in those days, Emile and Rob had compulsory military service, but they wanted to contribute to the society in another way. They started a software development company under the wings of the Dutch Cancer Institute ‘Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’ where the shaky precursor of ALEA was already in use.


After years of developing software for several companies, Emile and Rob decided in 2011 to have a full focus on ALEA, the randomisation software that the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek already used for years for clinical trials.


The randomisation software became more professional, efficient and the use of ALEA was increasing because of the growing number of satisfied users. Not only academics experienced the benefits of ALEA, also pharmaceuticals started to explore the comprehensive software. Nowadays ALEA is used by over 45 organizations on over 700 clinical trials. There are over 10.000 clinical users and more than 40.000 patients in ePRO.


Emile and Rob are still the proud CEO and CTO of ALEA Clinical with a team of over 20 employees. The team contains talented programmers, mathematicians, communication professionals and a quality assurance managers. Together they work on the best required version of ALEA Clinical.