Our Goal

The process of the development of studies build with the ALEA software is monitored by the Quality Assurance department. The core components of monitoring are to ensure patient protection and to validate integrity of the data. It is also to ensure investigators are following the protocol, complying with regulatory and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards.

Components of Our Quality Process

Implement Quality Systems
Formatting SOP's
Periodic Monitoring
Audits Support
Resource Management
''Quality is doing things right when no one is looking''
-Henry Ford


ISO 27001 Certificied Hosting Facility
ICM – E3
Good Clinical Practice
CFR 21 part 11 (FDA)
ALEA Clinical and the General Data Protection Regulation
General Data Protection Regulation

A long time before the start of the new General Data Protection Regulation, ALEA Clinical Services created a version of ALEA which is completely in compliance with the GDPR. After that version, there have been several following versions, where are even more security improvements, but also feature requests from our customers. Are you interested in the newest version of ALEA, which of course is completely in compliance with the GDPR? Please contact us at the contact page.